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Why You Should Get a Metal Roof During Your Next Replacement

Your roof is an important type of investment that you’ll make in your home. The quality of the roof that you purchase for a roof replacement will affect the overall value of your home, and the level of protection you get for the rest of your home. According to HomeLight, a metal roof replacement has an average return on investment of 61% nationwide. This makes metal roofs a smart choice for homeowners. Keep reading to learn about other benefits of metal roofs.


When you are researching a new roof replacement you’ll want to consider the longevity of each different type of material. In the long run, the longevity of the roof is what will make or break your investment. Metal roofs can usually last up to 30 years with little maintenance, according to our team. If you have quality maintenance performed on the roof in a timely manner, you can even see these roofs last up to 50 years. Our roofers also estimate that metal roofs can retain about 95% of their emittance and reflectance over their lifetime.


If you’re concerned about making sustainable home improvement choices, a metal roof makes sense. In our experience, a metal roof is often 100% recyclable. The initial roof is made from recycled materials, and once the roof has reached the end of its lifespan the debris can be recycled as well. This makes metal roofs a very sustainable option for conscientious homeowners.


Metal roofs are also proven to protect against storm damage, strong winds, and falling debris. Finding a roof that holds up well under damaging conditions is important. You have no way of predicting what types of pressure your roof might experience throughout its life, so you want something that’s proven to stay strong. When you talk with a roofing contractor, they can explain to you how the different types of materials have different strength factors.

If you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfalls, you’ll want a roof that helps reduce snow buildup. Snow buildup can be a dangerous situation as it weakens the roof and could contribute to damage. This can also help to prevent water damage inside your home as well.


Metal roofs are also considered to be an efficient choice because they can help you reduce your energy bills significantly. We’ve found that they reflect solar radiant heat, which can translate into savings of up to almost 25%. A metal roof contractor can help you learn more about energy-efficient options.

These are just a few of the benefits of metal roofing. If you’re looking for a reliable metal roof contractor near you, please contact Neill and Son Roofing today.

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