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What Does a Typical Day Look Like for Roofing Contractors?

What does a professional roofer do all day long? Well, if you have ever wondered what life is like for roofers, this blog will offer insight into what roofing contractors normally go through. According to Zip Recruiter, the average salary of a roofer was $43,580 in 2020. Roofers get paid to do a variety of jobs that involve repairs, inspections, new installations, and replacements. Let’s take a look at what they do on a daily basis.

General Day-to-Day Tasks

The majority of roofing contractors generally spend their days installing roofs, doing repair work, and meeting the needs of clients within the required timelines. Days can also be spent on new builds and remodeling projects. This includes gutter installation, some siding installation, and restoration of home components after storms or other natural disasters.

Before roofers start with installation, they usually begin with roof inspections. Roof inspections give roofers an idea of the problem that may be lying within a roof system. This then enables them to determine the best approach and materials to use for the project at hand. Between removing old roofs and cleaning up the work area, roofers cover the tops of buildings with different types of roofing materials. This includes asphalt, tar, shingles, felt, wood, and more. Openings are sealed using flashing to block moisture from entering. Roofers also ensure that roofs are properly ventilated and that there’s enough insulation.

Communicating With Current Customers and Potential Customers

Roofers spend a lot of time talking to clients and returning calls from potential customers. They also schedule meetings and appointments to deliver roof estimates and schedule jobs. During roof inspections and repairs, roofers also talk with customers. This is where good customer service skills come in. It’s very important for a roofer to be able to explain problems and solutions to a customer. They should also be able to answer questions from customers and help their customers make the best decisions about their roofs. Roofers are always prepared to answer the long list of questions that customers have.

Most customers want to work with roofers who are licensed and insured. They also want to know about the roofer’s experience and expertise. In most instances, customers will ask for references that the roofer should be able to provide. All of this is part of customer communication. It can be difficult for new customers to make the decision to hire a particular roofer, so the answers provided by the roofer should be convincing.

Roof Inspection and Repair Estimates

The majority of roofing jobs start with an estimate. This is the process during which roofing contractors gauge the scope of necessary work and the costs of repair or installation. Several things are taken into account, including labor costs and materials. To get the right estimate, roofers often visit homes, perform a roof inspection, and then write their bid for the project. Roofers may also discuss the problem with the homeowner and propose solutions.

Helping Customers

Roofers assist customers in a variety of ways. When consulted, they can recommend solutions based on what the job needs and the requirements of their customers. They can also help customers choose the best roofing materials to match the requirements of the job without exceeding the budget. With many options for materials today, selecting the right products can be a bit overwhelming for property owners. Customers benefit from having contractors by their side when making difficult decisions. This gives them an idea of what can be expected from the project, which enables them to prepare and helps to ensure a smooth-sailing job.

Job Site Preparation

Part of effective and safe roofing work is ensuring that all the right materials are in place. Therefore, before roofers start work on a job site, they first gather all the materials and supplies needed for the job. This is key to installing the roof or doing repairs correctly. If the job involves replacing the existing roof, the roofer will make a plan for disposing of the scraps from the old roof. This usually involves renting a dumpster that will be delivered onsite.

Given that most of the work done on roofs is carried out on top of the roof, there are some important considerations that roofers must address. Roofers always ensure that the worksite is safe before they start the job. This sometimes involves setting up scaffolding. This is what allows the roofers to gain access to the roof. Apart from that, they also ensure that everyone has the necessary safety gear before climbing on top of the roof.

The Job

Obviously, the majority of time is spent doing the different jobs that roofers are offered. This includes roof inspection, repair, and replacement. Roofers can also work on new builds to install roofs for the first time. For repairs, replacements, and new installations, roofers use a range of materials. This includes wood, metal, asphalt, and slate. Many roofing companies also offer roof-related services. For instance, they can help with chimney repair, gutter cleaning, and skylight installation.

Every job is unique. As such, it brings its own set of problems for which roofing contractors should come up with solutions. The profession attracts people who like to solve problems and work with their hands. The idea is to generally make the lives of others better by coming up with effective solutions that last.

Other Responsibilities

Apart from the regular work, roofing contractors can also perform other tasks, including covering exposed nail heads using caulking or roofing cement. This is a great way to prevent the leakage of water and rust. On a weekly basis, roofers may get jobs that involve the application of pebbles or gravel on top of roofs. For this, they use stiff-bristled brooms and rakes. In addition, roofers cut felt, strips of flashing, and shingles to find the angles created by walls, intersecting roof surfaces, and vents. Although there may be some variations when it comes to specific duties, a lot of them also remove water, snow, or debris from roofs before applying materials. Some roofers are also tasked with glazing the top layers of roofs to create a smooth finish. They can also embed gravel in bitumen to deliver a rough finish.

Packing Up

This is usually the final task of the day. Once everything is done, roofers do a final walkthrough to ensure that everything is left in order and that the job site is cleared, cleaned, and tidied up properly. At this time, you will probably meet with the foreman to settle outstanding balances, if any. They can also do a rundown of the job done with you.

Roofing tasks like repair, installation, and general maintenance can be quite tough. However, most teams of professionals are up to the job. If you want to hire a roofing contractor, you will probably get a no-obligation consultation where you can ask as many questions as you want.

These are some of the things that roofers go through on a daily basis. Keep in mind that no day is the same. On some days, roofers will go straight to the job site and may not have time to conduct estimates. On some days, they may spend the entire day conducting inspections and giving estimates. However, the outline above is generally how the day of a roofer goes. If you need roofing services, contact Neill and Son Roofing today.

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